Low-cost, high-performance, flexible queries for real-time data

Funnel is a software system, self-hosted or as a service, which scales with your customer uploads and queries for data in real time. It fits into diverse applications ranging from taxi services, augmented reality, sensor monitoring, and more!


Companies with mobile users, such as those for ride hailing services, have massive numbers of drivers and customers searching. Funnel is built for serious horizontal scaling.


A powerful and intuitive query language provides flexibility similar to SQL or Lucene. E.g. “WITHIN 2 km OF (52.51, 13.35)

AND status = ACTIVE”


Describe your data format in a schema, where you specify your data fields, their types, and how they should be indexed. Funnel does the rest by creating endpoints to upload data, distribute it, and query for results.


At Funnel-Labs.io, we drive down costs to provide affordable software solutions.

Funnel-Labs.io focuses on writing software that is highly performant, has minimal hardware requirements, and maximum performance. Services like Funnel accomplish results that are competitive with systems built in major companies and maintained by multiple teams of Software Engineers at only a fraction of the cost.



Powerful Solution for Small and Large Companies

The Funnel system was purposefully architected around the problem of real-time data, cutting out unnecessary layers and costs in order to deliver an efficient, purpose-driven solution.

Powerful Query Language

The Funnel query language will be familiar to anyone who has worked with SQL or Kibana or any programming language. Learn how to use it to search through your data.

Flexible Data Format

The Funnel system can handle just about any type of data, whether it is binary, JSON, because it uses Apache Avro. Transmitting JSON over HTTP REST calls to an API is the most common configuration when your data comes from a Mobile App.

Efficient Scaling

The Funnel system is internally divided: – Funnel-Mouth collects massive amounts of data to efficiently bundle into bulk updates.

– Funnel-Stem replicates and distributes data where it’s needed.

– Funnel-Spout indexes data in memory and serves queries.

All three components extremely efficient and are each horizontally scalable.


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